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Vashon to Himeji '08


Homestay Families
Himeji Castle and Mt. Shosha
Japanese Favorites
Hirohata Kindergaren and Myochin Ironworks
Guest Book

Your students had a great time at the ryokan and their first sleep on futons was an adventure!  We had a dinner of interesting and delectable choices from 7-Eleven (sometimes called 7 and iHoldings...why?  We don't know!).
In the morning we sat down to a banquet breakfast with traditional Japanese dishes such as a variety of pickled vegetables and seaweed, miso soup with tiny clams, rice, silken tofu in a broth with greens and enoki mushrooms and more.  Some brave students even tried the natto-a Japanese health food that is very unusual for Americans.
Our tour of Kyoto was a whirlwind of sensations and sights.  Check back soon for some more impressions and photos.

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Vashon to Himeji '08