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Vashon to Himeji '08

Homestay Families

Homestay Families
Himeji Castle and Mt. Shosha
Japanese Favorites
Hirohata Kindergaren and Myochin Ironworks
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These are some of the activities enjoyed by your kids on the weekend:

Kalee had a feast with her whole family-she said each relative reminded her of one of her own relatives at home! She went to a tennis lesson, a pottery class and ate takoyaki.

Carly went to Nara and saw the Giant Buddha, Osaka Castle, a monkey and a magician. She also saw Kobe Harbor, a pirate ship and rode a ferris wheel and went shopping and bowling.

Angela went to the amusement park, took a moped tour of Bouze, sang karaoke, went shopping and to the zoo and had a marriage proposal from her new cousin.

Colette went to a privately-owned Buddhist temple, a tea ceremony, Hanami party, to Kobe to ride the Ferris Wheel and eat street food in Chinatown, and she enjoyed the night view of Kobe harbor.

Ian and Clint went to Universal Studios, Osaka. Clint saw a festival that involved groups of men carrying giant models of castles on their shoulders and trying to bash the model off of the shoulders of the other guys. We are still trying to figure out what was going on there.

Lauren went to the Osaka Aquarium and to pottery class with Kalee.

Liz had a family BBQ and spent time getting to know her new family.

Laurie saw a Samurai parade, made soba noodles from scratch, went to the mall and soaked her feet on an onsen.

Clay went to Akashi and had a BBQ.

Emily went shopping which was a little difficult because she wanted to buy EVERYTHING and went to see some giant whirlpools by boat. She went to karaoke on Sunday and sang Thriller!

Jarrod went to basketball practice and hung out at home with his new family. On Sunday he went shopping, bowling and to the Game Center.

Shannon made soba noodles, went to Maruyama Park and went on a long slide, played with the little kids in her family and her sister's friend came over. They played badminton, Uno and went shopping.

Kala went shopping, played Smash Brothers, made "Mick Jagger" Soup (we don't know exactly what that have to ask her), watched Japanese Idol and went to Kobe.

Daniel visited Universal Studios in Osaka and went to an Art Village where he saw art by Picasso and a sculpture park. He also saw a giant castle in the mountains and many festivals going on in the villages he passed.

Alyssa went to the amusement park and took a moped tour of her family's island, Bouze.

Aedan went to Universal Studios, visited a park of famous world relics, the batting cages and the tennis cages. He was thrilled with his dinner at a Vik-ing-gu (buffet).

Here are some things our students have to say about their new families:

Ariel-My family practices Shintoism and they have a large shrine on the second floor of their home and we pray every day. We went to Tenri-the home of Shintoism.

Angela-Marika misses your cooking Mom (and Soda).

Carly-Sorry Mom. I'm not coming home. Better luck next time.

Natalie-Kodai's cousin taught me hand-clapping games. I want a moped. My family is making fun of me for not eating enough. Mom-can Kodai come to stay with us for all of next summer?

Lauren-They won't stop feeding me!

Alyssa-My older sister is amazing. I could live with her! I ate Sea Slug, RAW!

Clay-My laundry is folded into origami.

Vashon to Himeji '08