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Vashon to Himeji '08


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On Wednesday we met at the train station and rode the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to Hiroshima. We took a Hikari Rail Star-top speed about 280 miles an hour. The Shinkansen is a wonderful way to travel only the ride is always too short!
We visited the Atom Bomb Dome-a ruin that was at ground zero and survived the blast. It is maintained as a reminder of the awesome and terrible power of nuclear weapons.
We brought peace cranes to the Sadako monument and signed the register. Hiroshima citizens and mayors have made the quest for peace and nuclear disarmament their quest and our cranes show our support of the effort.
We walked through the Peace Park to the Peace Museum. It is always a solemn time for our students.
After the museum we had lunch-Okonomiyaki-the regional specialty of Hiroshima!
We rode the street car through the city of Hiroshima and took the ferry to the holy shrine island of Miyajima.

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Vashon to Himeji '08