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Vashon to Himeji '08


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The holy shrine island of Miyajima was a wonderful experience for our students. After the intense schedule and cultural differences the island of Miyajima is a middle ground. Once they stepped onto the ferry our students felt relaxed and at home. We walked through the pouring rain and cherry blossom showers to our traditional Japanese inn.

Students changed into yukata (cotton kimono) and prepared for our banquet style dinner.

Many students enjoyed the traditional Japanese food, the beautiful setting and the onsen (Japanese style hot tub).

In the morning after a great breakfast we took the ropeway up Mt. Misen (except Mr. Levinson who hiked all the way to the top and back! He had Udon at the top of the mountain). We hiked to the very top where there were temples, holy rocks and the best view in Japan.

Also...we saw monkeys! The monkeys were exciting to say the least. There were so many doing crazy things like eating bark, fighting, grooming and hanging on the push bars of the ropeway doors and screaming!

Afterwards we went shopping, dining and exploring around this special island. Some students had oysters-a specialty on Miyajima.

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Vashon to Himeji '08